Remap your car: Remapping increases performance and makes your car more fuel efficient. Isn't it time to Wake Up Your Car!
wake up your car by digitally removing the DPF

Remapping Cars for better Performance

Works with 90% of Cars!, Click here to find your exact performance increase!. You can remap your car or van from only £199! How can one low cost procedure improve performance AND fuel efficiency? At Wake Up Your Car, our technicians have developed a way of adjusting the engine management system to use less fuel. Typically you will get 5-10 extra Mpg. With Our Modifications, your engine will perform better at low speed. With Improved Power at lower engine speeds, you can now use higher gears and accelerate smoothly without having to change down. This all adds up to improved drivability, smoother acceleration, less gear changes, less driver input, and less fuel used.
Car Remapping 101

Remapping for Increased Performance OR Fuel Efficiency? Why Not Both?

Wake Up Your Car are specialists in remapping, ECU Tuning, and fuel efficiency.

Using our sophisticated software, we can make your car instantly more drivable just by tuning the maps on your cars ECU. This means we don't have to change any of the hardware on your car, we just remap the car through the OBD/II port. This is different to chipping, in that remapping the car does not involve opening the actual Engine Control Unit, but instead, we use seperate remapping software which links to the cars ECU. We download the maps currently on the ECU, remap them (our software automatically finds the optimal remapping settings for each car) and then upload them back to the ECU. The process can usually be completed within 30-45 minutes.

What cars can be remapped?

We can remap most makes and models of cars, with Diesel and Turbo Diesel models giving the best performance increases, both in the Torque and Bhp. This gives the car much better drivability than the usual "factory fit". Of course, what this means in layman's terms is that after remapping, your car will become both faster, more powerful, increased fuel efficiency. How is this possible? Manufacturers are by law required to add a dip to the power map on your engine between 2k and 3k RPM. This was originally meant to increase fuel efficiency. However, all this has meant in reality is that people just put their foot down more to compensate for this lack in power, using more fuel instead of less! One of the many processes involved in remapping a car involves removing this power dip, making for a smoother power graph as you move up through the gears. This smoother graph means you actually have to change gear less often, therefore increasing fuel efficiency.

Many manufacturers also actively limit their cars' performance - for example so they can release a 'sport' version of the same car at a later date. The only difference between the standard edition and the sport edition (other than a few cosmetic changes) is generally the maps stored on the ECU. Through remapping the car, we can remove those limiters, essentially making your car perform exactly like the sport edition!

Can remapping damage my car?

The process of remapping itself will not damage your car - if a map does not give you the performance increase you expect, we can at any point replace the cars' original map - we always keep a backup. Some remapping firms try to push the cars' performance past it's physical limitations. This is dangerous, and whilst the short term benefits will be amazing performance, the life expectancy of your engine will be dramatically reduced. We always do a full check on your car to make sure it will not have any problems when it is remapped, and we keep our maps well within the physical limitations of the car.

Remapping Cars - does it affect the Warranty?

One of the questions we are asked the most often by customers is whether getting their car remapped affects the warranty of their vehicle. Modern remapping processes are done using special computers which talk directly to the ECU of your vehicle. The ECU (engine control unit) holds all the information on the engine and by talking directly to this device we can alter this information in a non destructive way.

What this means is that by undertaking this digital ecu remapping we can, if you wished to in the future, return your car back to its original state. Older "ecu chipping" involved the physical removal and replacement of parts of the engine, the digital remapping process by passes this and keeps your warranty intact.

If you have any questions about the ecu remapping process or wish to arrange to get your vehicle remapped. Call our car remapping experts today on 01274 531 113. We have dealers throughout the UK who can help you get more from your vehicle.

Don't forget that we can remap most cars, vans, lorries and trucks.

Getting more MPG from your car in 2011.

Petrol prices have hit £1.30 a litre in many parts of the UK this week. With the vat change to 20% and the additional tax applied its looking a gloomy year for the average motorist. However there are a number of savvy ways you can save money on your motoring costs.

Firstly give your car a standard winter check; pump up the tyres, check the battery and check the oil. Then take out the stuff you keep in the boot to reduce the weight. If you have a roof rack and aren't using it take it off for a few months and make sure the air con is off.

Secondly take a look at Petrol Price and see where the cheapest pumps to you are - you'll save as much a 6pence a litre! Also by checking out the local prices when you've still got 40 or more miles in the tank will mean you're not forced into panic buying the nearest fuel at what could be the highest price.

Finally give your local Wake Up Your Car dealer a ring and book your car in for a ecu remap. We are sure you'll see an improvement in your MPG after a having your car remapped. Imagine what you could do with 6% of your annual fuel costs.

Car Remapping helps beat the VAT increase!

Car remapping is one of the few ways you could reduce the impact of the VAT increase to 20%.

From midnight on the 3rd of January 2011 the vat rate in the UK will change to 20% from its previous level of 17.5%. This increase will affect many aspects of motoring from the cost of your annual service and MOT through to the price of the fuel you need to buy to keep your car moving.

Whilst its still possible to find garages through the UK which will absorb the additional 2.5% on the price of your service to keep your business in 2011 sadly the price of petrol won't be held back and will certainly rise after midnight on the 3rd of January.

Wake Up Your Car can help you off set the additional costs of motoring over the coming months by remapping the ECU on your car. This process will increase engine efficiency and reduce the amount of fuel your car will use therefore saving you money at the pump!

Typically remapping your car will increase your MPG by 6% and it could be higher than this depending on your make and model.

Book for your car to be remapped as soon as you can and start saving money straight away.

The team at Wake Up Your Car wish you all a safe and happy new year tonight and look forward to seeing you in 2011.

What do we do at wake up your car?

Car Remapping

At Wake Up Your Car we are car remapping experts. Almost all modern cars can be remapped so that you get a better MPG, better performance and as a direct result better drivability. Our experts will change the way your car behaves at the computer level which wakes up the hidden abilities in your engine. Car remapping gives you benefits which will be not only satisfying now but in the years to come.

We remap the part of your car called the ECU. This process of ECU remapping is done using technology which talks directly to the ECU chip. In the past you might of heard of "ECU Chipping" and that involved replacing the ECU chip. These days with our technology we can re-write the data on the chip directly, this is the Car Remapping process or ECU remapping process. Once done the results can be tested immediately.

The ECU chip can be remapped again and again and can even be returned back to the original manufacturers ECU chip settings in the future should you wish to do so.

Our car remapping and ECU remapping services are available now starting from just £199

Contact one of our friendly dealers today!

Winter is on the way.

As we enter into the Indian summer of October our thoughts turn to the latter third of the year and the winter that lies ahead. Its important at this time of year to ensure that your car is running at peak efficiency as the cold winter breeze will force your engine to work that bit harder to give you the same performance.

Make sure you undertake the top four winter checks in the next couple of weeks. These are:

  • Tyres. Make sure they have plenty of tread left (at least 3mm is the recommended depth).
  • Battery. How old is the battery in your car? If its more than four years then getting it checked is a must before the heavy winter arrives.
  • Have you got the correct or enough antifreeze in your car? Your dealer or local garage will be more than happy to advise you on this.
  • Vision. As the nights draw in and you make more journeys in darkness make sure that the windscreen is clear of smudges and marks. Keep your screen wash topped up and give your headlights a clean, its amazing how much grime they accumulate whilst not used in the summer.

    Finally why not have a chat with your local wakeupyourcar dealer about remapping the ECU if your vehicle? We can tune both petrol and diesel cars, vans, lorrys and trucks. And we're confident you'll be very happy with the increase in efficiency and performance of your vehicle. By remapping your vehicle you can be a step ahead of the impact of winter - and that won't please Jack Frost!

  • DPF Removal, Car Remapping and Tuning update august 2010

    Removing the DPF or FAP offers a performance and MPG increase. Our digital process allows you to drive your vehicle without warning lights on the dashboard or other side effects of the removal.

    The DPF removal service is now available at many of our dealer network throughout the UK. Our dealers will happily offer advice and pre sales service to you to ensure your questions are answered before work is undertaken.

    As well as offering digital DPF removal our vehicle remapping and tuning services are still extremely popular. The remapping and tuning of a car or van will give you visable results in performance and fuel efficiency please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or call us on for a friendly chat about the process involved.

    Our website is undergoing changes over the next couple of days. Most importantly we'll be updating the Car Manufacturers models lists to include the many more cars that the DPF removal service, car remapping and vehicle tuning services allows us to Wake Up!

    New Service: DPF Software Removal!

    Fantastic News for Diesel Owners with DPF or FAP!

    We can now modify the ECU (Engine Control Unit) software directly so that the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) can be removed from the vehicle without the ECU logging error codes. The DPF (Diesel particulate filter) or FAP (Filtre à Particules) is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine.

    This works by creating an obstruction in the exhaust system which collects the particles as they pass. This process restricts exhaust gas flow, causing inefficiency and reducing MPG (miles per gallon).

    Eventually most DPF filters will become blocked, despite "regeneration", which attempts to clean out the filters. Once this occurs the only option is replacement at a BIG cost. Whilst the vehicle is under warranty this isn't a problem however once out of warranty the DPF replacement is an expensive event waiting to happen.

    Wake Up Your Car now offer a service to digitally remove the DPF in your vehicle meaning that you will no longer have the stress of a large replacement bill in the future.

    To easily find your nearest dealer, you can use our dealer locator, or for a complete list, please visit our links page.

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    All quoted figures are typical, although exact performance and fuel efficiency gains
    depend on vehicle make, model, age, and driving style.
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